August 31, 2024

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Categories: Fun Run and Competition Class.
2024 is an anniversary year with a unique track, Trail will be not be available this year.

Minimum age to participate: 15 years. In the company of adults 13 years.

Preliminary start time Tjejmilen: First start at 13.00.

Registration fee:
35 Euro for Fun Run, 40 Euro for Competition Class. August 31 until September 10, 2023
40 Euro for Fun Run, 45 Euro for Competition Class. September 11 2023 until January 14 2024
45 Euro for Fun Run, 50 Euro for Competition Class. January 15 until June 9 2024
50 Euro for Fun Run, 55 Euro for Competition Class. June 10 until August 28 2024
55 Euro for Fun Run, 60 Euro for Competition Class. August 29 - 31, Digital late registration, subject to availability. Registration is closed at 12:00 August 31.

Support Plan International’s work to transform vulnerable girls’ lives. By donating an extra €8 you will receive a pink Tjejmilen bib as a symbol for your contribution.

By registering for Tjejmilen, you approve the General terms and conditions. The approval is made in the registration before payment is made.
If you have health benefits managed by Epassi, click on the logo to complete the registration with Epassi.
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