Stockholm Marathon
5 June 2021

Welcome to to enter for ASICS Stockholm Marathon June 5, 2021!
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Categories: Men, women, men's wheelchair, women's wheelchair and Other/do not want to indicate gender

Team competition: Register one team (four people). The teams compete for good prices, even teams that have not placed at the top of the results list have the chance for good prices. T-shirt is included for all team members. There are three team classes:
  • Men
  • Women
  • Mixed (A mixed team must have one man and one woman in the team)
Registration fee:
  • September 17 – September 22: 88 euro
  • September 23 – November 1: 92 euro
  • November 2 – February 7: 100 euro
  • February 8 – May 28: 110 euro
  • June3 – June 4: 120 euro. At the Stockholm Marathon Expo, if there still are places left

  • The Stockholm Marathon t-shirt can be ordered at the time of registration. Price 25 Euro, postage is added.

    ASICS Stockholm High Five 4 September: Enter now and get 10% discount on the entryfee.

    By registering for the race, you accept ASICS Stockholm Marathons general terms and conditions . The approval is made in the registration before payment.
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