Stockholm Half Marathon
Saturday September 11 2021

Indicate below the number of runners you wish to register.

Categories: Men, women, men's wheelchair, women's wheelchair and Other/do not want to indicate gender

Team Competition: Enter a team (three runners). A team entry gives 15 euro (5 euro/per entry) in a discount. There are three team categories:
  • Men
  • Women
  • Mixed (A mixed team must have one man and one woman in the team)
Don´t forget to add your team name when enrolling! The top team in each category will receive a prize.

Registration fee:
55 euro: 20 – 27 September
60 euro: 28 September – 21 March
68 Euro: 22 March – 5 July
75 Euro: 6 July – 5 September
85 Euro: 7 - 10 september at the Ramboll Stockholm Halfmarathon Expo, if there still are places left.

Minimum age to participate: 18 years.

The Ramboll Stockholm Half Marathon t-shirt: 25 Euro can be ordered at the time of registration.

You will find all information about Ramboll Stockholm Half Marathon 2020 here

By registering for the race, you accept Ramboll Stockholm Half Marathons general terms and conditions . The approval is made in the registration before payment.
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